Brisbane plays host to the wizard game.  Can you guess who the wizard is? Solve challenges, mix potions and use your wand to find key information.

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Who is the Wizard?

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Over 4000 years old and loves flying!

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Sometimes known as 'The scorched sorcerer'.

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Loves dogs and casting spells.

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Hates Broccoli but loves mixing potions.


Have you got what it takes to be a wizard?  To be a wizard, you need to be able to spot a wizard.  Solve challenges and decipher clues as you narrow your choice down.

Meet your game operator - the Wizard Concierge - who will provide   You are provided with a Wizard kit, game book and map to help navigate your way around the 2 km course. 


Learn about the city as you use the local city landscape to try and determine who the wizard is.  You have up to two hours to stop the information being released.

Game time: up to 2 hours

Difficulty: Medium

Suitable for: Ages 14 +

Distance covered: 2 kilometers

Maximum players: 12 players (2 teams)



2-5 Players: $45pp

6-10Players: $40pp

11-20Players: $35pp

21+ Players: $30pp

*Tickets are for participants aged 12 and over.  Please note that the games are designed for 14 years of age and older.  Any player under the age of 18 does require a person over 18 on their team.


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