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So this is what we have been working on...

Exciting news coming out of Brisbane Street Games headquarters today, we have been working on a new game and it is now finally able to be booked!

Introducing Spy game - a secret agent themed game with new challenges and new places to discover. The River City Intelligence has received word that sensitive information is about to be release to the public. Your mission is to stop this from happening.

The Spy Chief needs your help to stop this from happening.

  1. Meet Agent Watson at Brisbane Square in Brisbane CBD

  2. Collect your spy kit

  3. Follow the mission in the case file

  4. Use tools in your spy bag to solve challenges

  5. Fill out your answers at each challenge to see how you score

Time is of the essence, this information can not be made public. you have up to two hours to stop the information being released. Bonus points will be given if solved within 90 minutes.

Your booking will be a private event and can have between 2 and 30 players, with a maximum of 5 teams playing at once. Games are run every half an hour.

Prices are

2-5 players: $45 p.p

6-10 players: $40 p.p

11-20 players: $35 p.p

21-30 players: $30 p.p

Grab your friends today and help stop the evil organisation.

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