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  • Guy Watson

Need a last minute present for someone?

If you are like me, you leave present buying to the last minute. Each year I try to think of what would be a good present. One that can be memorable, like the time I went parasailing. I remember having my feet dipped into the water and the sense of sitting high up in the air. Well if the person you are buying a present for isn't into parasailing, how about a Brisbane Street Games gift voucher?

Personality types who would like playing a Brisbane Street Game.

- Like's a challenge

- Has played an Escape Room

- Logical thinker

- Likes to experience new adventures

- An intuitive mindset

- Listens to Crime podcasts

- Enjoys strategy games

It's a gift that keeps on giving. Once when the person receives it at Christmas. Once when they are playing the game and later down in life when you debate about who was right in that one challenge.

A gift voucher for Brisbane Street Games is

- Fun for everyone

- Valid for 12 months

- Can be used for either a Detective Game or Spy Game

- Flexible playing times (subject to availability)

They can be purchased directly online or via the phone on 0421 641 395.

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