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  • Guy Watson

Come play our wizard game!

Things are becoming magical with our new wizard theme game. Step into the world of wizardry on this adventure as you work your away through challenges around Brisbane CBD. Creating potions and finding spells is just the beginning. You will be reaching for your wand in this wizard theme game.

If you are looking for things to do in Brisbane, the Wizard game might be what you are looking for. Meet your wizarding concierge to collect your magic kit which includes a wand, potion pouch and many more magical items.

Work as a team as you try and narrow down your answer of who the real wizard is. You will be taking past the MacArthur building, the former home of the royal theatre and to the infamous fig trees on Creek St (here you will learn about the hidden features of Brisbane) and a few more prominent locations.

Introducing the wizards

Carolus - Sometimes known as the scorched sorcerer

Audericus - Loves dogs and casting spells

Dynosia - Over 4000 years old and loves flying

Eduardos - Hates broccoli but loves missing potions

What's included

- Game briefing by wizard concierge

- Magical map of the city

- Wizard bag with a wand, potions and spellbook

Where does it start?

There is a magical portal found at Reddacliff Place (the square in front of the Treasuary casino). Look for the wizarding concierge in the hat!

How long does it last?

You have up to two hours to play the game. Bonus points will be given if completed within 90 minutes.


2-5 players: $45 pp

6-10 players: $40 pp

10-20 players: $35 pp

How do I get there?

Bus it to Queen Street, train it to Central or park at the 'W' building using Wilson parking.

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