Detective game

Use your wits, skills and detective bag (provided) to solve the crime.  The Special Task Unit is looking for recruits to help catch the Brisbane Burglar. 


You will meet your game operator - Detective Watson - who will brief you on the case.  All recruits have up to two hours to catch the Brisbane Burglar. 


Learn about the city as you use the local city landscape to help solve your case.  You are provided with a detective bag, game book and map to help navigate your way around the 2.2km course.

Which famous detective character will you be?

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Magnum PI.jpg


Magnum PI

- Alert

- Smart

- Charming

- Great physical shape

- Mustache

Veronica Mars.jpg


Veronica Mars

- Resourceful

- Sassy

- Independent

- Strong

Miss Marple.jpg


Agatha Christie's Marple

- Amateur sleuth

- Skilled at problem solving

- Understands human nature

- Comes from a small town

Sherlock Holmes.jpg


Sherlock Holmes

- Obsessive personality

- Quickly able to deduct evidence

- Untidy

- Can be moody

Jake Peralta.jpg


Brooklyn 99

- Very competent detective

- Immature

- Charming

- Butts head with authority

Velma Dinkley.jpg


Scooby Doo

- Highly intelligent

- Uses science in cases

- Sharp witted

- Loves secrecy and is sly

Brisbane Street Games team building

Play as a group

Get together a group of friends, family or work colleagues and book yourself a private game.  Work together or against each other to identify who the Brisbane Burglar is.  Groups will be split into teams of 2 - 6 players with a maximum of eight teams competing once.

Your group booking will be a private event with your own Detective briefing you on the case.

Brisbane Street Games Couple.jpg

PLAY as a couple

To play a Brisbane Street Games, you need a minimum of two players.  Surprise your partner with a fun morning or afternoon out in the city.  Your private game will last up to two hours as you work your way around the city solving clues.

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Brisbane Street Games team building

Team building in brisbane

If you are looking for a team building idea in Brisbane, look no further.  Brisbane Street Games provides a fun and unique way to grow and develop your team into a high functioning unit.


Our games can have up to 8 teams competing against each other with a maximum of 48 participants.  Each team will have a different challenge to start with and it is not always the fastest team who wins.  Who has been paying attention along the way?  


Email or call if you have any questions regarding your private event.

Score Board

Have you got what it takes to be at the top of the score board?


The Chief of Police wants to know how their recruits are progressing.