Perfect IDea for a team building event in brisbane

Team Building experience

Are you looking for a fun and easy to organise team building event in Brisbane?  Brisbane Street Games has you covered.  Your team will be immersed in a themed adventure game where team communication, leadership and a sense of fun is key.  Up to 78 participants can take part as they solve riddles, complete challenges and follow along on their story!  Team sizes range from 2 to 6 players with a maximum of 13 teams playing at one time.  It is a great addition to a team development day and is played in the Brisbane CBD area.  Everything is organised for your event.

Whats included

Your experience includes:

- Private event with all games organised

- Game host who will be in character throughout the event

- Detective/Spy Kit bags for participants to be hands on during the experience.

- Option of adding a meeting venue

- Option of adding a restaurant/pub after the game

Join our mega game

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Brisbane Street Games team building


​2-5 players - $45 per person

6-10 players - $40 per person

11-20 players - $35 per person

20-78 players - $30 per person


Add a delicious branded cookie to your game as a prize.  Check out a Brisbane Street Game friend - Bumbleberry Bakes - for tasty options.  Free delivery to the game included.

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Meeting and conference space

Are you looking at hosting a team development day.  Check out the Brisbane Street Games friends below for meetings and event spaces to suit your needs.

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