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Each game lasts up to two hours as you follow along with your case file and move around to each location.  Arrive five minutes before your scheduled time to meet your lead detective in the case and to collect your Detective bag filled with all the tools needed to solve the case.

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2-5 players:     $45 p.p

6-10 players:   $40 p.p

11-20 players: $35 p.p

21-40 players: $30 p.p 


Our online booking system is easy to use and a booking can be made in five easy steps.

Step 1. Select the number of participants either by the drop down arrow or pressing the plus symbol.

Step 2. Select the date on the calendar.  All available dates are in bold.

Step 3. Select the available time.

Step 4. Enter your contact details.

Step 5. Enter payment details and press submit.  Check your email (including your junk inbox) for the confirmation email.


Paying separately or a group of more than 10

If you are a large group of ten or more people or a group of friends who want to pay separately, call Brisbane Street Games on 0421641395 or send an email enquiry

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To book a game with the Great Queensland Getaway promotion, please call 0421 641 395 to redeem the promo code. (Reservations open until 8pm daily)

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