Have fun with Brisbane Street games

Brisbane Street Game - Excited player
Brisbane Street Game - Excited player

Racing to solve the case

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Brisbane Street Games - Officers
Brisbane Street Games - Officers

Team catching the Brisbane Burglar

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Brisbane Street Games - Capri CIA
Brisbane Street Games - Capri CIA

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Brisbane Street Game - Excited player
Brisbane Street Game - Excited player

Racing to solve the case

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How to play

Immerse yourself in a themed adventure game.  It's kind of like an outdoor escape room that meets a scavenger hunt, all based on either a detective theme or spy theme.

Your game operator will meet you in character and provide you with your case briefing of what is known about mission so far.

Each booking is your own private event, where you work in teams of 2 to 6 players to complete challenges, solve problems and decipher codes to help catch the Brisbane Burglar or stop an evil organisation.​

​Win points by answering questions and receive bonus points for completing the game in under 90 minutes.  ​

Come dressed in character and think of your catchy team name.

Brisbane's first Themed adventure game



Challenge your friends to find out who would make it as a detective.

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Work together or challenge other couples.  See who was paying attention the most?

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A perfect game for your team building event based in Brisbane CBD.

Team building events in brisbane

Looking for a team building event in Brisbane which is fun and exciting for employees?  Let Brisbane Street Games organise everything for you. Build skills and connect with others through small groups.  Brisbane Street Games can host up to 78 players and can organise a venue for your team briefing after the game.


Meet at our CBD location or at your office.  Perfect for end of year financial parties or Christmas parties.  Find out how it works.

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Brisbane Street Games Reviews

If you are looking for fun things to do in Brisbane, this will be an experience like no other.  Brisbane Street Games is the first adventure theme game played on the streets of the CBD.  Similar to challenges you find in an escape room in Brisbane, you will have up to two hours game playing time to solve the case.  Collect evidence to build your case and identify the Brisbane Burglar.  You will need to work in a team to move from location to location around the city to solve riddle and challenges.

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"I loved the mind puzzles of Brisbane Street Games.  10 out of 10, would recommend."

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The story of Brisbane Street games

Brisbane Street Games is a home grown business and the first of it's kind in Australia.  Guy is the Lead Detective of ‘Can you catch the Brisbane Burglar’ and also the developer of Brisbane Street Games.  Having successfully managed a similar concept in Vancouver and seeing the joy it brought to people’s faces, Brisbane city was crying out for fun things to do in Brisbane.   

Growing up playing board games and strategy games, Brisbane Street Games combined an adventure story, brain teasing challenges and a bit of character to share the experiences with you!  Come support a local business.

Detective Watson case briefing